Our superhero - GRASSMAN

Our Superhero – GRASSMAN

Our Superhero - GRASSMANThe Superhero – GRASSMAN

GRASSMAN is the city’s ultimate superhero.  He uses the powers of Classic Lawns to protect your lawn from the forces of evil that are bent on destruction.  Follow GRASSMAN through his continuing adventures and learn how he helps you have a great lawn!

GRASSMAN fights off evil invaders of your lawn like Dr. Dandelion, Col. Crabgrass, Grubzilla and more!  His Classic Lawns super powers leave your lawn lush, dark-green and weed free!

Our superhero also helps protect your trees and shrubs.  One of our favorite episodes is when GRASSMAN saves the day when the Japanese Beetles invade the city!  Watch it right NOW!  Too Many Beetles!

Watch all the full animated episodes right here!

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