Grass Girl

Suzy-as-grassgirl-WhiteMeet Grass Girl

Grass Girl is the city’s newest superhero.  She works with Classic Lawns and GRASSMAN to fight off the evil invaders that try to take over your lawn.    She has dedicated herself to making sure everyone has a beautiful weed free lawn.  She vows to fight vigilantly for lush, green lawns for all!

Grass Girl is the newest edition to The Continuing Adventures of GRASSMAN.  Grass Girl rolled into town in the early spring of 2015!  Unbeknown to almost everyone in the city she is the secret alter ego of Suzy St. Lawn.

Grass Girl and GRASSMAN?

The whole town was a buzz when Grass Girl first showed up.  Who was this new superhero?  Can she help protect the city’s lawns?  Is she dating GRASSMAN?  Well Grass Girl is an awesome superhero who is trained in Kickboxing and Martial Arts.  She is well qualified to fight off villains.  As for her and GRASSMAN, there is definitely a spark and an obvious connection.  However, since neither are aware of each others secret identity they remain loyal and faithful to Blade and Suzy!

Grass Girl at Chili Cook Off
Grass Girl Making a “LIVE” appearance at the Sertoma Chili Cook Off

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